Career after BBA

There has been a noticeable inclination for management courses among youngsters for past few years.

These courses marked their own worth and importance in the thick of various other newly introduced courses and prevailing others.

BBA has appeared as that one degree which has a motive to teach students the basics of business skills and offer deep development for the management skills. Through this course, students possessing substantial interest in becoming management professionals get to acquire related knowledge from square one.

However, MBA has been there as a mandate for BBA students in order to make them land to a desirable job. But what if a student limits him/her to just graduation in the management course and chooses not to go any further with masters in the same?

Well the same concern has been ushered in by many of the management students who, for financial or other reasons, choose not to go either for masters or particularly MBA after BBA.


1.    Going for the college placement can be a productive option for the students who manage to get one in their desired area. This would enable you to gain that much needed practical knowledge of the professional world and teach you to implement and make the most out of your theoretical knowledge and learning at workplace and that too at a very young age.

2.    Choosing a different sector can be a good option for those who wish to move out from the business and management zone as they didn’t really enjoy the wing much during or after their course. Segments like Mass Communication, Travel and Tourism can allow you to explore new opportunities while keeping intact the knowledge you gained during graduation. Business journalism is one such option after mass communication that would allow you to utilize the knowledge of both the courses smartly.

3.    Preparation for government jobs is yet another option that most of the graduates of all fields willingly opt for. Various students get to know about the perks and essence of government jobs. Also, the job responsibilities are capable of holding their interest in the same so such students can look out for the positions in government jobs matching their basic eligibly criteria that’s, ‘graduation’ and go ahead with their preparations for the same.

4.    Going for trending jobs such as in digital marketing is also a good career option. There has been an advent of new marketing and business tactics that revolve around new trends involving the social media and digitisation. Acquiring basic knowledge and good writing skills can make you grow faster in these newly introduced job prospects. Through digital marketing, you can make the smart use of social media platforms to transform an image of any organisation and learn the latest model for business and marketing which is being done digitally. The trending jobs these days also include various other options such as Content Writing and creative writing that can fetch you a desirable position at advertising agencies.

5.    Entrepreneurship could be a dream come true option for students who don’t like the idea of working for other companies. If you think you have gained right amount of knowledge for leading the same and if your awareness for both latest and upcoming market trends is on point then this can be a great option for you. Talking about funding as it comes up as a major concern for many, there have been government schemes and companies that eagerly provide a helping hand by funding aspiring entrepreneurs.

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